How Much Do Speech-Language Pathologists Earn?

The highest paying states for speech-language pathologists are California, New York,  Illinois, Florida, and Texas, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pay in each of these states can be affected by your experience, the setting, and other bonuses and stipends, in addition to cost of living.

California, as with most pathologist positions is the highest paying state. Speech-language pathologists make a mean average of $88,330 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Illinois was 5th in this list and offers on average mean salary of $75,850.

These states pay well but SLPs should also consider setting and demand. For instance, speech-language pathologists in Santa Fe, New Mexico make $112,020, in Fairbanks SLPs make a mean average of $107,640 and a little less in Redding, California at $98,600. Fairbanks, Alaska and other cities in Alaska may have difficulty attracting SLPs to the area, hence the higher pay.

Other factors that affect SLP pay factors that affect pay relate to the experience of an SLP. Pathologists with experience tend to make more money as they grow their experience.

SLP salaries are also affected by setting. Pathologists work in many settings such as schools, universities, hospitals, residential health care facilities, private practices, and more according to American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. More than half of SLPs (56%) are employed in educational settings, including 53% in schools and 3% in colleges and universities, according to ASHA.

These different settings have different average mean salaries. For instance, working as an SLP in a university may pay more than working for an elementary school.

According to BLS data, OTs working in home health environments make an average of $91,860—about $10,000 more than the national average of $81,690. The average salary for therapists working in nursing care facilities (i.e., skilled nursing facilities) also comes in well above the national average at $88,670

Cost of living may also affect pay of an SLPs. Not all SLPs who work in K-12 school situations will make the same average mean salary. School districts within the same state will have differing pay based on the funds available to that district. Additionally, cost of living may affect take home pay. For example, you may on average make more as an SLP in California but if you choose to live in the Bay Area or Los Angeles you may bring home less pay than a speech-language pathologist working in a state like Illinois with a lower mean salary.

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