5 New Years Resolutions for Traveling Therapists and Nurses

This past year was a great year for finding nurses and therapists travel positions all over the U.S. If you were a traveling therapist or nurse this year you know the possible adversity is made up for by the impact you’re making on the lives of patients. You may be in the middle of an assignment or thinking of signing a contract soon, either way—here are five resolutions for an even better 2017.

Be Open to New Cities

For every large and mid-size city there are a handful of smaller cities with lower costs of living—all in need of healthcare providers. Never heard of Mission Hills, CA? Mission Hills is located in the San Fernando Valley, within the City of Los Angeles, California! Being just a “stone’s throw away,” in cities such as Mission Hills can mean more relaxation during the workweek and adventure on the weekend.

Take Some Time Off

If this year was a busy year of shifts, you might be considering taking time off before switching back to the facility life. One of the main reasons our travelers say they travel is actually so they can take time off to travel the world! While we only place nurses and therapists within the U.S. that freedom to take a break from shifts opens up the possibility for worldly travels.

Move into a New Speciality

Most of us want to save more money and doing so is a common resolution. If the paycheck you’re receiving isn’t what you imagined as you were graduating from college, you might consider specializing. Registered nurses who specialize can make more than non-specialized registered nurses. For therapists that could mean specializing in school therapy or therapy for the geriatric communities. If you need suggestions on how to bulk up your take-home and how to help move your career in a new direction, we can help!

Consider Your Personal Brand

Even while happily on assignment you should be thinking about your personal brand as a nurse or therapist. You may not be looking for work at the moment but it saves time in the long run to keep your resume and LinkedIn profile updated. You may even consider starting a blog about your profession. Many SLPs, OTs, and nurses blog to give other therapists and nurses tips and advice. Blogging can also be a great outlet for not only getting yourself out there, but reflecting on your career.

Meet New People

People who travel on assignment with us say they love meeting new people but after the third assignment, you may be feeling like a little time to yourself is in order. Don’t give up just yet! Resolve to meet new people wherever and however you can. Our nurses and therapists have met life-long friends and partners while traveling. Making the most of the people around you on assignment is key to happiness in 2017.

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