Why Do Nursing Contracts Get Canceled?

It’s one of the fears you might have before you start traveling as a nurse: a canceled contract. It happens once in awhile for a few reasons. It’s an unfortunate and real aspect of travel nursing. Here’s why your contract might be canceled and what you should do if it does. 

Why do contracts get canceled?

One reason your contract could be canceled is when hospitals are staffing for EMR (electronic medical record) conversion. Sometimes a contract is canceled prior to the job starting and this usually has to do with the conversion getting pushed back, leading to canceled travel contracts at the last minute.

Another reason a contract could be canceled early is because of low census. Areas with a fluctuating population like Arizona or Florida might have increased and decreased levels of need, affecting the duration of your contract. 

Lastly, sometimes a contract will be canceled due to poor nursing performance. Leading up to the cancelation could be patient complaints, attendance issues and even personality conflicts with staff. In this case, it doesn’t mean your recruiter will stop working with you to find a new job, it just means you’ll have to be honest with your recruiter about the instances leading up to the cancelation and what needs to happen in the future. 

What should a travel nurse do when a contract is canceled?

Contact your recruiter. If you sense a cancelation on the horizon, it’s best to let your recruiter know as soon as possible. Open communication and trust are key in these situations. When you work with Pioneer Healthcare Services your recruiter will work with you to ensure a rebook is done in a timely manner.

Contact Pioneer Healthcare Services if you’d like to learn more about travel nursing and canceled contracts. We’re here to help!

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