Think You’ve Missed the Bus on SLP or OT School Positions? Think Again!

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School is in session pretty much everywhere as evidenced by our Facebook and Instagram feed filled with the eager faces of children on their first day back at school. If you’re a travel SLP or occupational therapist and you have that sinking feeling that you missed your opportunity to practice in a school setting, you don’t have to worry!

There’s still time to accept a position in a school. For example, last year we still needed over 10 SLPs to start in schools with only a few months left in the school year. There’s never a bad time and it’s never too late to apply for a position as an SLP or OT in a school—even if the school year is already in session.


When you work with Pioneer Healthcare Services you’ve given the opportunity to customize your contracts. The typical school contract may be 9-10 months. Don’t want the summer off? We can find you a short-term contract for the summer months, allowing you to work all year.

Want something long term? Many of our therapists work for larger districts who will renew their contracts year after year, and they could end up working in the same school for many years. Some of our SLPs have been in the same school for over 10 years.

If you have at least one year of experience in the pediatric population, you can work in a California school district for the length of time that fits your lifestyle.

Find assignments in schools today!

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