How to Advance Your Career in Physical Therapy

Starting a successful career as a physical therapist (PT) begins with a passion to see patients overcome physical limitations and achieve therapy goals. But with a few years of hands-on experience in the workplace, you might begin considering professional development opportunities.


Here are four ways you can enhance your credentials as a PT in order to advance your career and better serve your patients.


Benefit from Continuing Education


Continuing Education (CE) courses, workshops, and webinars are great ways to invest in your professional development. An advantage of CE opportunities is that they are affordable and don’t require a huge time commitment to complete. Moreover, participating in CE events is a great way to network with other PTs and often offer direct access to open PT positions around the nation.


Pursue a Specialty


The American Board of Physical Therapy Specializations offers a variety of certifications you can complete in order to specialize in a certain area, such as cardiovascular, geriatric, neurologic, pediatric, or sports therapy.


If you’d prefer to go in to academics to teach and train students in physical therapy programs, there’s a specialty certification for that too. Most certifications include passing an exam in conjunction with completing a certain number of hours worked in that specialty area.


Transition to Management


Some PTs find that they have a knack for leadership and choose to pursue advancing their career via administration. A position as a clinic manager would allow you to hire, train, and manage staff. As well, you would oversee daily operations and activities, and ensure clinic compliance.


Clinic directors fill a similar role, but they also manage financial and HR aspects of the clinic as well. And the best part is that both manager and director positions still leave the opportunity to work directly with patients.


Open Your Own Practice


If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, opening your own outpatient clinic is another way to advance your career in physical therapy. As a small business owner, not only do you get to manage all business aspects of your practice, but also you get to be your own boss. And if your passion lies with treating patients, you can hire an office manager to protect your hands-on time with patients.


Seeking to advance your career as a PT is not only a lucrative decision, but the professional investment can also help you better serve your patients. Pioneer Staffing has physical therapy roles available now. Reach out to our talent team today and see how we can help you in advancing your career.

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