Work-Life Balance Tips for Travel Nurses

Travel Registered Nurses fill short-term positions in hospitals and clinics around the world––usually at locations where there is a nursing shortage. Travel nursing is an exciting career that allows you to experience new places and meet new people. But it’s also a demanding career, with long shifts in unfamiliar settings.

No matter if you’re considering a career as a travel nurse or if you’re a veteran RN who’s already worked a few travel assignments, here are some tips to keep in mind when making work-life balance a priority.


Make Self-Care a Priority

Long-term fulfillment and success as a travel nurse begin with taking care of yourself. Self-care includes anything that protects and maintains your mental wellbeing. It could look like enjoying a day at the spa, carving out time for a fitness program, or improving sleep quality. Self-care also includes setting personal boundaries, meaning knowing when to say no so as to avoid over-extending yourself.

Identifying and limiting triggers that cause anxiety or stress is also another way to protect your mental health––and mental health can protect your longevity as a travel nurse. Journaling or having a mentor are two ways to stay on top of emotional-draining situations.


Time Management

You can sharpen your time management skills by setting aside time in the morning and before shifts. Use the time to journal or meditate, clearing your mind before moving on to a new task.

Work schedules in the medical field can be extremely hectic, and this is especially true for traveling nurses. Taking control of your schedule and how you spend your time daily can give you an edge on managing your time both on and off the job.


Time management also includes setting aside time for breaks. Breaks include both lunch and vacations. When you’re not able to get away for a few days, try to limit distractions that prevent your mind from resting, like social media. Finding a TV series or picking up a novel can give your mind a mini-vacation when time off is limited.


Explore Your Community


An advantage of being a travel RN is the traveling itself. But hectic schedules and heavy patient loads can be exhausting. Make sure your contract provides for ample time off while on assignment so you can enjoy the sights around the city. Both finding a network of other traveling professionals and hanging out solo can leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.


Following these tips can help not only on assignments but practicing them before new assignments can also help to increase your transition time and productivity. At Pioneer Healthcare Services, we take great pride in helping people. If you’re looking for a great new opportunity, please contact us today.

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