The Importance of School Psychologists During COVID

School psychologists assist in the education process by providing psychological services to students to help meet academic, social, behavioral, and emotional goals. In addition to providing academic and instructional support, school psychologists make assessments and give recommendations regarding behavioral and mental services.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they played an even more strategic role, helping educators and parents in implementing and managing a variety of learning practices, like distance learning. Here are a few ways in which school psychologists are helping as academic instruction is transitioning back to campus.


Reopening Schools Post-Pandemic

The reopening of schools provides an opportunity for school psychologists to assess and address issues that arose during distance learning and quarantine. They are also playing a critical role in navigating a positive transition back to school in a post-pandemic world.

Not to mention, the pandemic amplified previous issues, such as access to resources, for teachers and students alike. Traditionally, teachers were able to focus efforts primarily on students’ needs in the classroom. Now they have increased the level of parental support provided to ensure students’ success during distance learning.

School psychologists and educators are also strategizing how to deal with loss due to the pandemic in terms of academic progress and mental health.


Making The Adjustment To A New Normal

Here are some key ways in which school psychologists are helping students, parents, and educators adjust to life impacted by a global pandemic:

  • Collaborate with school counselors and school social workers to address the on-going needs of educators and students.
  • Provide information to teachers about signs of depression, anxiety, stress, lack of motivation, and disengagement to help identify at-risk students.
  • Assist in teacher training and aid in the implementation of new practices to promote learning in novel environments.
  • Offer parental support for stress-management and home study habits, and other resources for on-going support during reentry.
  • Review and relay research on new practices to assess compatibility and effectiveness.
  • Help create a new perspective and address the increasing demand for services.


School psychology will continue to play an essential role in the academic progress and mental well-being of students and faculty as the threat of COVID-19 variants loom.


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