Various Software Programs Physical Therapists Can Use for Telehealth

Telehealth technology helps physical therapists (PTs) manage their patients’ programs and progress while the patients are both in-office and at home. Telehealth offers a more patient-centered approach the therapy. It allows physical therapists to work with patients with a variety of conditions and in a variety of environments––not only patients who are able to get to the clinic.


A consequence due to the COVID-19 pandemic is that remote capabilities have become essential. This is especially true in terms of patient management, especially when avoiding progress digression and maintaining compliance.


And all your patients need in order to participate in your business’s telehealth program is access to the internet and a computer or smart device with a video camera and microphone.


Features of Telehealth Apps

Telehealth applications make physical therapy more accessible and can increase patient satisfaction and success rates. Here are some of the top features that can benefit your physical therapy business:


· Create therapy programs for patients that they can access from anywhere at anytime

· Conduct virtual guided-therapy sessions or pre-recorded therapy sessions, offering flexibility for patients who can’t always make it to your clinic.

· Track key indicators to monitor patient progress in real-time.

· Provide logs that allow patients to self-monitor between therapy sessions.

· Facilitate therapist-patient communication for scheduling, questionnaires, reminders, and home program delivery.


Telehealth Software Integrations

Additionally, integrations are available to customize your telehealth program. The integrations can sync your software to medical devices, payment systems, scheduling software, and EMR systems. The integrations allow for the exchange of data between applications, making for seamless management of your physical therapy practice’s daily operations.


How Telehealth Software Can Benefit Your Practice

Not only does telehealth software make administering therapy more convenient, but it can also help you to reach more patients because it removes transportation and geographical limitations. Telehealth is key in keeping patients engaged and motivated because they’re able to monitor their own progress and follow home exercise programs.


Ready to find out more about how you can leverage telehealth software to grow your physical therapy business? Pioneer Healthcare Services is ready to help?

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