Expected Healthcare Trends for 2022

Thanks to COVID-19, embracing digitization is no longer optional for healthcare providers. Here are a few technology trends that you can expect to emerge or see increased usage in the healthcare industry in 2022.



COVID-19 exposed the nation’s systemic shortage of healthcare workers. While automation isn’t a new tool in healthcare, you can expect its presence to solidify as more and more apps and digital assistant platforms become available.


Online forms and automated messages are quickly easing administrative burdens that were traditionally handled by nursing and admin staff. Automation is also streamlining other admin scheduling and patient intake processes are streamlining administrative tasks.


Telehealth and Virtual Visits

The pandemic radically altered the delivery method of healthcare. Because of distancing and isolation measures, healthcare providers had to make their practices digitally accessible. Office visits and therapy sessions turned into virtual chats to ensure patient access even while the clinics were closed.


Now that software and training are in place, in-clinic visits may eventually become the exception rather than the norm. But in the meanwhile, virtual visits or a hybrid combination of in-person and virtual visits are likely to be mainstream services offered by healthcare providers.




Convenience, access, and speedy turn around continues to drive the consumerization of healthcare. Pharmacy chains are here to stay when it comes to primary care clinics. The retailers are using quick care services to offer customers a one-stop-shop experience.


And virtual healthcare is increasingly becoming a trusted source for consumers who don’t have time to visit a clinic in person. Expect traditional hospitals and healthcare systems to respond with their own version of in-person and virtual quick care and urgent care services to stay competitive.


Relief For Nurses

Nursing professionals were dealing with burnout long before COVID-19. But because the pandemic imposed an even greater strain, rather than pushing through, many in the nursing

industry decided to call it quits. Measures to relieve some of the burdens created by staffing shortages will become more visible.


Clinics and hospitals are beginning to adopt tools that relieve the burden of in-person visits, simplifying how nurses collect patient information. And the adoption of cloud systems will also make the transmission and storage of information more efficient, also relieving nursing staff of redundant administrative tasks.


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