Benefits of Becoming a School Nurse

School nurses play an important role in the campus life of students K-12. More than just applying Band-Aids, the role and responsibilities have grown over the decades. As well as supervising the physical and mental well-being of students, school nurses monitor students with various medical needs, such as diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy. They also provide counseling, facilitate health education, perform various medical screenings, and even oversee staff wellness.


Not to mention the positive impact that school nurses have on the academic progress of students. When student attendance is improved because of health education and disease prevention measures, students can benefit academically from better attendance and performance. And likewise, the less time that administrators and teachers have to spend on health concerns, the more time they have to focus on their responsibilities.


In addition, here are a few other perks that student nurses get to enjoy.


Competitive Salaries


School nurses enjoy good pay rates, averaging around $45,000 per year. Although the pay for nurses working clinical settings is a bit higher, school nurses enjoy a career as a healthcare professional, but without the stress that accompanies working in hospital settings. And the demand for school nurses is expected to grow.


Flexible Work Schedule


While school nurses do work a typical work week, they have off evenings and weekends. They also receive paid time off for government holidays. And if you’re planning to have a family of your own, working as a school nurse allows you to have summers off with your kids. Or you can use the time off for a side hustle to maximize your earning potential.


Helping Students


A career as a school nurse is a great option if you enjoy working with students but you’re not sure that teaching in a traditional classroom setting is the right path for you. Nursing is a service career that gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact on students. And not only students. You also have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the wellness of families and communities.


Specialized training and certifications are also available if there’s a particular population of students that you’re interested in working with, like special needs or elementary age.


Ready to learn more about how Pioneer Healthcare Services can help you pursue your career as a school nurse? Contact us today!

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