Why Schools Should Partner with a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Healthcare staffing agencies serve individuals looking for jobs. They also serve employers looking to hire top talent. But healthcare staffing agencies can also work with colleges and universities to help students find jobs.


While some schools do offer job placement services to their students, partnering with a staffing agency can streamline the process. Here are just a few reasons how a healthcare staffing agency can make sure students have instant access to the top jobs in their field.

Expert Healthcare Recruitment Specialists

Healthcare staffing agencies have dedicated staff that is experienced in helping people find jobs nationwide. Working with a staffing agency can help students streamline the applying, interviewing, and onboarding process. They can also offer advice in regard to professional development that can help increase students’ competitiveness.

Clinical Expertise

Healthcare staffing agencies have relationships with hospitals and clinics and can balance student and employee needs to ensure a good job match. Staffing agencies also have a good understanding of working conditions in various settings and can give insight into the expectations and responsibilities of various positions.

Student Advocacy

Healthcare staffing agencies can advocate for students, helping them get their foot in the door with limited experience. In addition to advocating for your students, a staffing agency will also gain knowledge about your school’s programs and student success rates, which can benefit future graduates.

Preparation Guidance

Healthcare staffing agencies understand what types of certifications and licensures are necessary for each discipline. A staffing agency often assists its clients in meeting continuing education requirements and completing state-specific paperwork. They can also help with preparing resumes and cover letters that are industry-specific.

Negotiation Strategies

Healthcare staffing agencies have experience in negotiating schedules, salary, benefits, and sign-on bonuses. Staffing agencies also have insider knowledge regarding staffing shortages, national averages for salary, and job outlook.

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Ready to see how a healthcare staffing agency can represent your school and advocate for your students? Pioneer Healthcare Services is here to help!

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