Healthcare Job Interview Tips

Preparing for a job interview in the healthcare industry is a critical step in ensuring that you’ll be putting your best foot forward. Here are four tips to help you demonstrate your proficiency and strength as a candidate.


Research the Company


Let the hiring manager know you’ve done your homework. Ask questions about company culture, about the position, about the team, and what contribution they see you making. Try to connect with current and previous employees to gain insight from an employee’s perspective. Try to learn something about your interviewer too. LinkedIn is a great place to do research and make connections.


Be Prepared to Talk About Yourself


Plan ahead of time how you’d like to detail your professional experience, your career goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you handle conflict. Practice using the power of story-telling. Be ready to explain any gaps in education or experience on your resume.


Also, have a few highlights in mind about yourself that you’d like to elaborate on and plan how you’ll transition the conversion to cover them. Most importantly, be transparent but with discretion. Avoid anything that could put you in a negative light.


Be Punctual


Get up early to avoid feeling rushed, plan your drive and consider traffic delays, know how to get to your interview location (especially larger venues like hospitals).


Getting up early can also give you a little extra time to do what you need to help ease the jitters, like exercise or meditate. But don’t forgo your usual morning routine and don’t try to squeeze any unnecessary appointments or errands in before the interview.


Dress Professionally


Just because you’re interviewing for a healthcare job doesn’t mean scrubs are an acceptable clothing choice. Chose attire that reflects a business profession––not overdressed, but not too casual either. Err on the side of conservative when it comes to jewelry, makeup, and cologne or perfume. Even though this won’t be your usual attire, professional attire communicates respect and a sense of personal care.


Lastly, don’t be afraid to let a bit of your eagerness and excitement shine through. From the introductions to the conclusion of the interview, actively participate throughout the interview. It’ll let the interviewer know that you’re genuinely interested in the position and may even help boost your confidence.


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