Make Your First Day in Home Healthcare a Success

Now that you’ve secured a home healthcare position, are a few tips to ensure that your first day on the job will be set you up for success. And no matter the level of care you provide, keeping your patients comfortable in their settings and compliant with their medical plan of action is priority.


Do Your Homework


Make an effort to learn a little bit about your patients’ medical history before your first meeting. Take advantage of the information you have access to in their medical charts regarding diagnosis and prognosis.

If you’re able, get informed about past home health staff that worked with your patient and find out what was their experience. Think of different ways in which you can use this information to build bridges with your patient.


Show Respect


It’s important to get to know your patients and their families. Give ear to their concerns. Do your best to explain your role and the treatments you’ll be proving. Be patient when you sense misunderstanding or hesitation on their part. Keeping your language and body language professional will also help build trust.


Be Safety Conscientious


While you may not be directly responsible for your patients’ safety, it’s good practice to pay attention to their surroundings. Assess trip hazards such as area rugs, look for night lighting, and check the bathroom for appropriate railing. Note any safety hazards that you see and discuss them with either your patient, their family, or your manager. No doubt that demonstrating concern for your patients’ wellbeing will build trust and foster compliance.


Set Boundaries


While your utmost concern is your patients’ progress, it’s impossible for you to meet all of their needs. Some of your patients may have requests that are outside of your scope of care. Prepare yourself ahead of time in regard to how you can politely decline requests that you’re not able to perform.


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