What to Look For in a Travel Nursing Recruiter

Finding the right Travel Nurse Recruiter can make a difference in your overall experience as a traveling nurse. A good recruiter can make the difference between landing a dream assignment––or one that’s a nightmare.

Here are a few things to look for (and questions to ask) when selecting a recruiter.


The Recruiter’s Experience

Has the recruiter you’re considering working with worked with many other traveling professionals? Do you feel like the recruiter is demonstrating proven experience in answering your preliminary questions about job placements?


The Recruiter’s Availability

Ask your potential recruiter about their hours of availability. Are they available to answer questions via text after-hours and on the weekends? As well, find out what you can expect in regard to turn around when waiting for a response.


The Recruiter’s Transparency

Is the potential recruiter transparent about salary and contract details, such as benefits, housing and other stipends? Do you feel the recruiter is committed to helping find the best job match for you, or, are they more focused on simply filling openings on behalf of the clinic or hospital?


Other Considerations

If you’re not sure where to start when looking for a recruiter, try asking for recommendations from coworkers. As well, do some preliminary research on social media and in professional networking groups.


Try to get an idea of how busy the recruiter is already. Do they have a limit to the number of nurses they work with at one time in order to best serve each nurse? As well, ask what their policy is gaining your approval prior to submitting you for an assignment.


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