Improve Nurse Retention with These Tips

While nursing is one of the most respected careers in the healthcare industry, it is also a profession with one of the highest turnover rates. And the demand for nurses is only expected to rise, making nurse retention strategies more important than ever.


Give Your Nurses A Reason To Stay


Build the right team.

That means hiring nurses not only with clinical experience, but nurses that are exemplary when it comes to soft skills too. Qualities like effective communication, strong collaboration skills, problem-solving skills, time management, and an aptitude for leadership can all indicate a candidate’s likelihood of investing in your organization for the long-term.


Speak their language when it comes to benefits and compensation.

It’s no secret that competitive pay and generous perks can attract top talent, but it will likely be compensation packages that keep your nursing staff satisfied with meeting the demands that health care places on nurses at your facilities.


Be a champion for recognition and dialogue.

Be consistent with offering both constructive and encouraging feedback. Make sure your nursing staff knows that you’re committed to their professional development and that their growth is important to your organization. Provide opportunities for your nurses to pursue higher education or certifications and play an active role in developing the skills that they’ll need to advance into management or other leadership roles.


These steps, along with investing in a positive work culture and providing a meaningful onboarding experience, can go a long way when it comes to keeping your nurses happy and committed. The effort you dedicate towards retaining a talented, experienced, and passionate nursing staff will return dividends.


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