Reducing Nurse Burnout in Your Healthcare Facility

Nurse burnout is real. And while high retention of quality nurses begins with hiring the right nursing staff, retention rates remain solid when nurse managers understand how to support and develop their nursing staff. A few common signs and symptoms of burnout that are critical for healthcare leaders to be cognizant of include emotional exhaustion, detachment, and decreased productivity. Here are three ways that healthcare leaders can make a significant impact in combating nurse burnout.


1. Empowering Leadership

Provide an environment where nurses and leaders work together collaboratively. That means providing the resources that nurses need to do their jobs, but also the resources needed for nurses to develop professionally. Healthcare leaders can also empower leadership by:

  • Creating an environment that esteems the meaningfulness of work to increase staff motivation
  • Giving nurses more say in decision-making processes
  • Expressing confidence in their performance and their ability to do their job with accuracy and integrity
  • Providing autonomy from unnecessary restrictions that limit efficiency and creativity


Recognizing the proactivity exhibited by your nurses can boost morale and improve job satisfaction.


2. Providing Optimal Work Conditions

Unrealistic job expectations, poor work conditions, and strained coworker relations are among the top complaints among nurses. Poor work conditions include staff shortages, a lack of supplies, unrealistic caseloads, and increased work hazards. On the other hand, optimal work conditions include an open-door policy with management, clear expectations, and appropriate staffing.


3. Reducing Administrative Work

For healthcare professionals, patient-centered care is critical. When nurses are required to spend a significant amount of time on administrative tasks, their focus is directed away from the patient. This may have a negative impact on the quality of care provided. Additionally, the administrative burden can put undue stress on nurses, more quickly leading to burnout. Healthcare technologies such as Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems can optimize workflow and improve efficiency at your medical center.


Contact Pioneer for Healthcare Recruitment & Retention Strategies

Are you ready to foster an environment of excellence that will keep your nurses engaged and loyal? As mentioned earlier, nurse burnout is exacerbated by inadequate nurse-to-patient ratios. This is where our healthcare staffing agency can step in. Pioneer Healthcare’s nursing recruiters will help place top professionals in your facility to improve working conditions and enhance patient care. Initiate a positive change for your nurses and contact our healthcare staffing agency today.

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