Bringing Pride Month to the Healthcare Scene

If you have never had anyone question or harass you about your sexual orientation, it’s easy to take for granted access to healthcare. Some would say, we have come a long way when it comes to LGBTQ+ access—and we have—but disparities remain.

Many in this population receive poorer health outcomes because of their orientation. (Read this helpful information from the CDC on health disparities in LGBTQ+ youth.) In fact, in 2016 the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities formally designated sexual and gender minorities as a health disparity population.

This month we are excited to celebrate Pride Month and share ideas for inclusion and diversity across all healthcare settings.

What You Can Do Right Now

We can all take steps to close the gap in healthcare disparities for LGBTQ+ people. Here are a few ideas:

Brain Power to Work

Your organization consists of bright and moral healthcare workers. Why not get a core group together in a room—with donuts and coffee, too, of course—and brainstorm ideas that you can implement right now to include the LGBTQ+ population? If more hands make less work, more brain power increases the potential for innovative ideas to abound and begin to effect change.

Internal Communications Audit

Sometimes without realizing it, we use words and/or phrases that imply we don’t care about everyone, only certain people. Does our language exclude or welcome in everyone? Conduct an internal audit of your website, pamphlets, logo design, staff handbook, and social media accounts. What does your mission statement say? Is everyone welcome? Be sure to remove language that discriminates. Develop a directory of providers who you know are inclusive and welcoming and make the directory available to your patients.

Train Staff to Be an Inclusive Care Team

Mentor staff in inclusion and diversity so that your workplace is a welcoming, inclusive place across the board. Partner only with providers who share your values and will work to be inclusive, not exclusive.

How Can My Organization Be Diverse and Inclusive?

At Pioneer Healthcare, we help job seekers like you find jobs in facilities and schools that help them celebrate who they are. We “add more adventure and variety” to people’s lives. Partner with us to help find talented healthcare professionals who will add color and adventure to your organization.


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