Where Can Speech-Language Pathologists Make a Difference?

If you are just starting out, trying to decide if you want to become a speech-language pathologist (SLP), or you have already obtained your licensure after earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in speech-language pathology, passed the Praxis Examination, and completed your clinical fellowship (400 hours! Wow! Impressive!), you may be asking where in the world can you work. We have good news. You have a bright future with many options. The list below has some really good ideas. It’s not all of them, but it’s a good start.

Public and Private Schools

Most SLPs work as a speech therapist in public and private school settings with young children. This can be a rewarding line of work, of course, but keep in mind that an SLP has many options when it comes to setting and range of roles to be performed in each setting. ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) says that about 56% of SLPs serve in educational settings, including colleges and universities.

Hospitals, Healthcare, and Home

There is no shortage of hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country that employ SLPs. From hospitals to residential healthcare facilities, SLPs treat the same disorders. Too, SLPs contract with providers to work with patients who live at home.

Public Health Departments, Government Job

If you are interested in broadening your influence, you may wish to work in your local public health department or in a government agency in an administrative/consulting role. These roles may be less hands-on than a job at a school, hospital, or healthcare facility, so keep these things in mind when you begin your job hunt.

We Can Help

We have tried to spell out many of the entities for which you could work. Of course, there are other avenues, such as working for a corporate office of healthcare facilities. In that capacity, you would educate those in facilities on how to be effective as SLPs in their places of work. Or maybe you want to become a legislator so you can influence to affect change on the issues that impact you and your patients. Essentially, you have many exciting opportunities awaiting you. Let Pioneer Healthcare help find your next great job as a speech pathologist.

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