No Experience? No Worries! You Can Still Land a Nursing Job

So you’ve worked hard, earned your degrees, and passed your tests. You can add “RN” after your last name. You’re eager to put your knowledge to work in your first job after graduation.

But you’re finding out that hospitals, nursing facilities, and other healthcare organizations aren’t interested in hiring a nurse with no experience.

While this may feel discouraging, there is a place you can turn. Staffing agencies exist to leverage their professional contacts and knowledge, and finding meaningful employment for people just like you is their specialty.

How a Staffing Agency Can Help You


Staffing agencies focus on people. Without people like you who need a job, they wouldn’t exist. They make it a priority to help you find a place to work that fits you and is an excellent fit for your potential employer. They understand that “human resources” really are the greatest strengths in the workplace.

Direct Connection

Staffing agencies serve as a conduit between you and potential employers. They understand the clients who partner with them and often have connections in places that are eager to help you acquire experience. They will know of job openings that you may not be able to find in typical channels.

Finetuning Your Skills

One big perk of working with a staffing agency on landing your first nursing job is they can help you become prepared for your interview and land your next great opportunity. They can review your resume because they know what employers are looking for. They can coach you by way of mock interviews and help you gain the confidence you will need when interview day arrives.

Here Is Where to Start

At Pioneer Healthcare, we are passionate about people and helping them get on with the fulfillment of finding a job that they love. We have a whole team waiting. Get in touch today!

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