The Best White Noise Apps and Devices for Third Shift Nurses

You’ve just signed a contract to work nights. Maybe you’re a champ and have been working nights for years. Chances are though, if you’re new to overnight nursing shifts, sleeping during the day may be a challenge. Here are a few apps and devices for white noise to ensure you achieve a great day of sleep.

Marpac The Original Sound Conditioner Marpac Dohm Elite White Noise

Marpac Dohm Elite White Noise Machine has been recommended by traveling nurses and can be found at stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond. For around $50, this machine creates a soothing sleep environment masking noises (like someone mowing the lawn) that disrupt your slumber.

TM Soft app

The the TM Soft app you can choose from numerous sounds included within the application and download thousands more for free, just in case you’re napping in area with less than perfect data.

White Noise Generator by Relaxio

Want to hear a cracking fire or calming beach with gentle wind? You can do that with Relaxio. Create your very own sound mixes and save favorites so they are always be ready when it’s time to hit the hay.


We’ve heard of nurses using YouTube but if you go this route, we recommend creating your own channel. The last think you’ll want is to be jarred awake by an ad or a video chosen by YouTube.

Need more ideas on sleep and relaxation on the road? Our recruiters can help. Contact us today with any questions you may have about travel nursing!

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