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What Is It Like To Travel With Pioneer?

Hear from our travelers.

Pioneer Healthcare took the time to get to know me and my professional goals and what I like to do in my spare time. They not only found a challenging travel contract in a place I dreamed of visiting, but the pay package and benefits are incredible.

Henry J., Occupational Therapist

Pioneer Healthcare was amazing to work with. In my career, I have worked with many other recruiters who never called me back, or I just got their voicemail. At Pioneer Healthcare, my recruiter was always available to answer my questions, and always kept me in the loop on where we were in the job process. I loved the communication.

Sarah K., Physical Therapist

It has been an extremely positive experience working with Pioneer! The cheerful, energetic staff are extremely professional and helpful.

Jayne O.

Pioneer is a professional company who excels at establishing and maintaining personal connections with their employees. They are organized, responsible and have a spirit of appreciation.

Lauren P.

I really appreciate that I can always reach out to the staff with any questions and concerns with an immediate response via a phone call, email, or text. Everyone is always friendly, supportive, and helpful – all three qualities integral to a company that you want to work for.

Cynthia L.

Pioneer has a wonderful knack for connecting the right talent with outstanding positions. I enjoyed my three placements with them. They took care of the admin so I could show up and focus on the job at hand. Always friendly, helpful and willing to do what it takes.

Karen S., SLP

I have worked for many healthcare companies in the past, and Pioneer surpasses them all. They are a close-knit company, and they want to get to know their employees very well. It is clear that their employees are their highest priority. They truly try to place your needs and preferences first.

Erik K., OT

Working for Pioneer has been absolutely amazing! Everyone is incredibly responsive but never in a pushy way. The company is small, so you never feel like just another employee. Not only does my recruiter get me the BEST assignments…she truly has my best interest at heart!

Victoria O., Speech-Language Pathologist

The whole Pioneer crew has been amazing to work with these past two years. Everyone, despite having many travelers, are always quick to respond, flexible, and diligent. My recruiter is always checking in to make sure my current assignment is going well, seeing what I am looking for in the next one, and helping me make the best move possible. Whether it’s paperwork for licensing or a friendly reminder to submit my timecard Pioneer is on top of it! I’d recommend Pioneer 100% to anyone looking to get into travel therapy! To top it off, their Instagram Memes and dog photos are the best, who doesn’t love a company that posts a good dog selfie? 

Amanda C., Occupational Therapist

I have done three assignments with Pioneer, and I can’t say enough great things about working for them! They are truly the best. Everyone at Pioneer is not only professional, they are knowledgeable and so kind. My recruiter is FANTASTIC! She always has my best interest at heart, I feel supported and as if I’m part of a family.

Samantha B., Speech-Language Pathologist

I have worked with many agencies over the course of my five years as an SLP, and Pioneer is the only one that has perfected the balance between professionalism and personality. My recruiter has consistently demonstrated the skill and ability to advocate for my needs and problem solve when necessary. Operations and Payroll never miss a beat and will always make sure your needs are met. Pioneer is great at keeping an open communication line between all necessary staff and is always accessible. I highly recommend Pioneer to my colleagues!

Athena C., Speech-Language Pathologist

I absolutely love working with Pioneer! The whole team is awesome and goes above and beyond to help answer any questions I have. Pioneer has been able to find me contracts in all the areas I want to be while offering the best pay packages in the travel therapy industry!

Malissa H., Speech-Language Pathologist

Pioneer has been the best company I’ve worked with in my four years of being a travel OT. The entire team is great at communicating, super friendly, and works hard to find you the best position. My recruiter has always been so transparent about the details of each contract and works with me if any issues arise. I would recommend Pioneer to anyone looking for a reliable company!

Grace M., Occupational Therapist

Pioneer Healthcare has been a game-changer for me! They have perfected the balance between professionalism and fun, stability and flexibility, feeling comfortable yet instilling a growth mindset. I love working with them, and I know you would too!!

Pat O., Occupational Therapist

Pioneer is the absolute best company to work with! They ALWAYS put their travelers first. My recruiter was there for me, walking me through the process of starting travel therapy even before I passed my boards. I was in contact with 2-3 other companies, and once I was ready for my first contract, Pioneer was the only company still consistently in contact with me.

Even throughout my contracts, my recruiter was constantly in contact with me, ensuring everything was going well and working with me to get through any challenges that came up.

Nicole T., Physical Therapy Assistant

My experience working with Pioneer Healthcare Services has been amazing since day one! The staff at Pioneer are professional and helpful. My recruiter is always willing to provide answers and explanations to questions I have and has been such a great support throughout my travel therapy journey!

Meghan O., Occupational Therapist

Working with Pioneer as a traveling SLP has been a fantastic experience. Everyone from recruiters to HR is available any time I need them. The team at Pioneer goes above and beyond to make the entire travel therapy experience as smooth as could be. Every time I worry about not having a contract lined up, Pioneer pulls through in a big way to find me a fantastic position. I love the supportive environment and know I can count on and trust everyone at Pioneer! If you’re on the fence about which travel therapy company to work for, I highly recommend giving Pioneer a try! You won’t be disappointed.

Kathryn M., Speech-Language Pathologist

In past years, we have hired mostly SLPs, and this year we hired an OT as well, through Pioneer. The staff at Pioneer have reached out to us many times throughout the school year to inquire about the job the providers are doing. They really care that our district is getting what is needed from the providers. We have been very pleased with every provider we have contracted. They are providing the services as needed and expected and are working very well alongside our school district contracted staff and administration.

Debbie M., Administrative Assistant – Special Education

Quality of the organization and the people provided to us has been exemplary. Communication has been excellent. Also, two of the contracted individuals placed with us have confided in me that they believe Pioneer is the best NPA to work for. Pioneer is always my first NPA to reach out to, as they have always been able to deliver the assistance we need, whereas other organizations I have worked with made lots of promises but were not able to deliver. A big thank you for the exceptional SLPs and OTs that have been provided to us and our students!

Bill D., Director of Special Education

Top Notch! We have never been disappointed with the services and support of everyone associated with Pioneer. Pioneer agency staff are highly trained and motivated and have served our district well for several years now.

Dave M., Director of Special Education

My Physical Therapist had an emergency and had to take a leave of absence for a few months. Pioneer Healthcare had the perfect Physical Therapist for my facility in a matter of hours. I highly recommend Pioneer Healthcare to any facility in need of therapists.

Janet M., Director of Rehab

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