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Talented nurses and allied health professionals for facilities and schools.

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We act as an extension of your team.

At Pioneer Healthcare Services, we deliver experienced and passionate healthcare professionals for roles that might be challenging to fill with local talent.

We work closely with every partner facility and school to understand its specific needs and to provide well-matched clinicians that help facilitate strong outcomes. Acting as an extension of your team, we complement your internal efforts and help you overcome vexing staffing challenges.

We assist with licensing and credentialing to facilitate a smooth and efficient process and ensure compliance. Our passion for service excellence and our ability to consistently exceed expectations has earned us our reputation as a leading allied health and travel nurse recruitment agency. Pioneer Healthcare Services carries the Gold Seal of Approval® and is a Joint Commission-accredited and certified organization.

Our Services

Most assignments last 13 weeks, but we also offer non-traditional travel assignments that can be customized for up to 26 weeks, if necessary.

If you need a professional for longer than 26 weeks, we can accommodate you with long-term solutions. These can last up to one year or even longer.

Do you need someone to join your staff permanently? Talk to Pioneer about a custom direct hire search solution.

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Let Pioneer Healthcare services help you fill challenging roles with experienced, compassionate therapists, allied professionals and nurses.

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