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Making a difference in the lives of those we serve

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Our Purpose, Mission & Promise

Established in 2012, Pioneer Healthcare was founded upon the belief that staffing was not a transactional practice, but a relationship-based model between our clients, clinicians, students and patients, and our team. We put the human touch into recruitment and delivery. Pioneer firmly believes that we are in the business of serving people and will always seek to understand before being understood.

With over a collective experience of 50 years in the industry, our internal staff is hand-picked carefully to bring on top talent in the industry who are committed to excellence and have life experience in education and healthcare. We are committed to diversity and equity, first with our staff who come from various backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds which allows us to be able to understand and relate to those we serve.

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We are committed to making staffing accessible to all, and that no student or patient should go without the services they need and deserve due to limited resources or caregivers.


Our healthy reputation of “people over profit” has gained favor with a vast network of therapists as well as school districts to facilitate the “perfect match” with each clinician and client. We aim to maintain market pricing to keep it affordable while aiming to pay our clinicians the best in the

industry and keeping our staff happy because the reward of client and candidate satisfaction along with the result of quality care being provided aligns with our values.

Our attention to detail for care, quick response, and positive “Can Do” customer service speaks for itself. Read our stellar reviews here.

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