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Client Services

We act as an extension of your team.

Education and Schools

In addition to the comprehensive list of services we provide including speech therapy (speech therapy or speech language pathology? Both work, and wondering if you are using “speech therapy” instead for SEO purposes), occupational therapy, physical therapy, and behavioral therapy. We provide specialized therapists and assistants such as speech-language pathologist assistants, certified occupational therapy assistants, physical therapist assistants, certified school nurses (including registered nurses and licensed practical/vocational nurses), and behavioral therapists/school psychologists. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care and support to meet the diverse needs of each school district and community.

By selecting our company, you will gain access to a comprehensive range of services, a highly qualified and diverse team, flexibility, collaborative approach, evidence-based practices, customized solutions, and dedicated account management. These factors combine to provide our clients with exceptional services and support for the success and well-being of its students. Pioneer Healthcare Services can tackle these challenges because we have an excellent referral system and a robust pipeline of active therapists and healthcare providers available and looking to work across 48 states.

As for caseload management, our recruitment team does an excellent job at vetting each clinician and their experience as well as setting proper expectations on what to expect at each school district when proposing a job. Our account management team will consult with the school district when receiving the needs from the respective contact as we have a thorough questionnaire discussing the district’s student population, equipment/technologies they use, caseload, current faculty on staff, and the district’s overall goal for the year to provide the best service possible.

Medical Facilities

Whether an acute care hospital system, rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facility, long term care, outpatient clinic, home health or other settings - our nurses and allied health professionals have the clinical and work experience to serve your staffing needs in your facilities.

Each of our clinicians are licensed and credentialed to deploy at your facilities at your request. We are eager to make an impact by providing excellent customer service and delivering to your needs for supplemental staffing services with caring clinicians who desire to provide quality and efficient care to your patients. Central to our success is our reputation of “people over profit.” This philosophy has fostered a strong network of therapists and school districts who appreciate our commitment to building meaningful and long-term relationships. We strive to facilitate the perfect match between each clinician and client, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

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