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Benefits and Packages We Offer To Our Travel Speech Language Pathologist

Weekly Pay

Enjoy the convenience of getting paid every Friday.

Comprehensive Health Coverage

We've got you covered with medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Invest in Your Growth

Avail CEU reimbursement to keep advancing in your career.

Tax-Free Perks

Benefit from non-taxed housing, meals, and incidentals during your assignments.

Secure Your Future

Benefit from our 401K retirement plan, preparing you for a prosperous tomorrow.

Travel with Ease

Receive travel reimbursement for a stress-free journey.

Tailored Pay Packages

We prioritize your needs and experience, creating custom high pay packages just for you.

Your Personal Advocate

Our dedicated recruiter listens to your preferences and priorities, guiding you through the best job opportunities tailored to fit your lifestyle and needs, one assignment at a time.

Genuine Connections

At Pioneer, we believe in the power of real connections, ensuring you'll never encounter voicemail when you reach out to us - from the first call, a live team member is always ready to pick up the phone, providing unparalleled attention and satisfaction.

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