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Spring Break for Travelers

Looking for your next road trip or vacation?  Being a traveler can mean that you are always on a working vacation depending on where your contract is! When given the opportunity some of our travelers like to head out and itch that travel bug even more! Here is where some of our travelers went for Spring Break this year! 

Megan Theriault, COTA  

“For my spring break I decided to take a road trip down the coast with my dog Olive. We first stopped in LA to see friends and hiked Runyon Canyon, went to Holy Grail Donuts! From LA, we took our adventure down the 5S to San Diego and went straight to the beach! I hiked down sunset cliffs to find hidden beaches and the hidden swing for sunset. I ended my trip with a meal surrounded by friends at an OB staple, OB Noodle House.” 

Julia Seider, OT  "This spring break my sister and her boyfriend came all the way from NY to visit me in Phoenix Arizona. We went on many fun adventures including going to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. We had fun hiking and exploring all the different towns. Back in Phoenix we went to a Spring training baseball game, ate lots of Mexican food and enjoyed the warm weather poolside. I had such a great time exploring the beautiful sites around our new home" 

Rylee Weinstein, OT  Is heading to London this week to visit her family who lives there and is going to visit Paris and Barcelona too! 

Elyse Schott, OT went to Tahiti for some Scuba Diving and adventures for her Spring Break!  

Spring break marks the temporary relief from the academic year's rigors and signifies the start of preparations for the upcoming school year. As students revel in the freedom of leisure activities, it's also a time for reflection and anticipation. For educators and administrators, it's a pivotal moment to strategize and plan, laying the groundwork for a successful start to the next academic cycle. Whether it's curriculum development, scheduling adjustments, or administrative tasks, spring break serves as a crucial juncture to ensure a smooth transition into the new school year. Just as nature begins to bloom and rejuvenate during this season, so too does the educational landscape, brimming with renewed energy and opportunities for growth. So, while students bask in the joys of spring break, behind the scenes, the gears of preparation are already turning, shaping the future of learning. 


As the new school year approaches, it's not just educational planning that takes center stage; it's also a time when new opportunities arise, especially in the realm of therapy jobs within educational institutions. With the evolving needs of students and the growing recognition of the importance of mental health support, there's a rising demand for therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals in schools. Spring break serves as a valuable window for educators and administrators to begin preparing for the influx of these new roles. Whether it's assessing current support systems, exploring partnerships with mental health organizations, or developing training programs for existing staff, proactive measures taken during this time can ensure that schools are well-equipped to address the diverse needs of their students in the upcoming academic year. By embracing this opportunity for preparation, schools not only enhance their capacity to support student well-being but also pave the way for a more inclusive and nurturing learning environment. 


Amidst these growing needs, Pioneer Healthcare Services stands as a steadfast advocate for providing top-quality staff with educational facilities. As schools gear up for the new academic year and the increased demand for therapy jobs, Pioneer Healthcare Services offers a reliable solution, ensuring that institutions have access to highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to supporting student well-being. By partnering with Pioneer Healthcare Services, educational facilities can confidently navigate the challenges of staffing and focus on creating an environment that fosters holistic growth and development for all students. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the unique requirements of educational settings, Pioneer Healthcare Services is poised to be a valuable ally in meeting the evolving needs of schools across the nation.       


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